Research in Information Security (Cyber security/blockchain)

 You should review two papers that are presented in class. You will be expected to voice your opinion of the paper during the discussion phase of the presentation. You must use the form below and the review should be at most 2 page (single side). For the grading in your review imagine that we are making a collection of recommended papers in information security and will accept about 50% of the presented papers. The purpose of asking you to grade papers is to help you critically engage with the paper, and the grade you assign is not a factor in assessment. The free text in the review should contain information that justifies your grade. You are free to structure your review as you see fit, but as a minimum you should include the following aspects: Summary of the motivation and description of the contribution in the context of other literature The best about the paper for instance new ideas, proofs, simplifications, formalisations, implementation, performance improvement, new insight, expected impact of paper on society, etc Weaknesses of the paper for instance lack of originality, small increment over previous work, unsubstantiated claims, bad presentation, insufficient discussion of relation with prior work, etc Further advice Only the paper set needs to be discussed in detail but others will likely need to be briefly mentioned to properly discuss impact, context and contribution to the field. A paper may have many contributions. Distinguish between them in the summary. Focus on the main contribution. Content of papers is more important than style. Of course a paper should be readable and a good presentation helps it to make an impact, but the main question is whether the paper makes a significant scientific contribution. Be direct, precise and unambigious in your language: Example 1: “I believe the paper makes an important contribution” can be shortened as “The paper makes an important contribution” (it is obvious in a review that you are just giving your opinion/belief; although saying “I believe” would be ok if you really want to stress your uncertainty.) Example 2: “The authors invent XYZ” is more precise than “The authors discuss XYZ” (if they really did invent it.) Example 3: There is a big difference between saying “The paper claims nobody has done ABC before” and “Nobody has done ABC before” (the former is the paper’s claim; the latter will be interpreted as your claim.)

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