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Describe a current IT-related ethical issue: Since this is a paper exercise, not a real-time situation, you may want to construct a brief scenario where this issue comes into play, and thus causes an ethical dilemma. The dilemma may affect you, your family, your job, or your company; or it may be a matter of public policy or law that affects the general populace. See the list below for a list of suggested issues, which may be a source of ethical dilemmas. Define a concise problem statement that is extracted from the above description or scenario. It is best if you define a specific problem caused by the dilemma, that needs a specific ethical decision to be made, that will solve the dilemma. Be aware that if it is a matter of public policy or law, that it may require a regulatory body or congressional approval to take action to implement a solution. Analyze your problem using one of the structured decision-making frameworks. Make sure that you identify the decision-making framework utilized. In addition, the steps in the decision-making framework selected must be used as major headings in the Analysis section. Consider and state the impact of the decision that you made on an individual, an organization, stakeholders, customers suppliers, and the environment, as applicable! State and discuss the applicable ethical theory that supports your decision. Concerning your paper: Prepare a minimum 3- 5 page, double-spaced paper. Provide appropriate American Psychological Association (APA) source citations for all sources you use. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style. For example, Kidder’s approach has nine steps, which are: Recognize that there is a moral issue. Determine the actor (whose moral issue is it?). Gather the relevant facts. Test for right-versus-wrong issues. Test for right-versus-right paradigms (what sort of dilemma is this?). Apply the resolution principles (ends-based, rule-based, or care-based). Investigate the “trilemma” options (look for common ground or compromise). Make the decision. Revisit and reflect on the decision. (Kidder, 1995, p. 183-187) Reminder: Each of the steps for whatever framework that you select must be a major heading in the Analysis section of your paper. Here are some suggested issues for you to consider, the additional text is designed to help you flesh out the issue: Privacy on the Web: What is happening now in terms of privacy on the Web? Think about recent abuses and improvements. Describe and evaluate Web site policies, technical and privacy policy protections, and current proposals for government regulations. Personal Data Privacy Regulations in Other Countries: Report on personal data privacy regulations, Web site privacy policies, and governmental/law enforcement about access to personal data in one or more countries; e.g., the European Union. This is especially relevant as our global economic community expands and we are more dependent on non-US clients for e-business over the Internet. Computer-Based Crimes: Discuss the most prevalent types of computer crimes, such as Phishing. Analyze why and how these can occur. Describe protective measures that might assist in preventing or mitigating these types of crimes. Government Surveillance of the Internet: The 9/11 attacks on the US in 2001 brought many new laws and permits more government surveillance of the Internet. Is this a good idea? The Digital Divide: Does it exist; what does it look like; and, what are the ethical considerations and impact? Privacy in the Workplace – Monitoring Employee Web and E-Mail Use: What are current opinions concerning the monitoring of employee computer use. What policies are employers using? Should this practice of monitoring, be authorized or not?

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