Assessment 2 (Reflective Journal): Recruitment and talent management

Please use the following checklist to submit your assessment 2 (Reflective Journal). We assume you all must be maintaining a weekly dairy to document your learning experiences in this subject and in general. This will assist you in completing this assessment task. Format suggestions:

 Use your creative thinking to format your reflective journal.  You may use first person to complete this assessment task.

 Please check for sentence structure, language, grammar and correct referencing style. There are six criteria that your reflective journal must address:  Theories: Go through your lecture slides on recruitment and talent management and choose no more than two theories (if chosen more than two that’s fine) to recruitment and talent management. Critically discuss them and relate them to your learning.

 Online resources:

To enhance your independent learning strategy we have provided you all with ample resources such as videos, podcasts and text book chapters along with journal articles. At the post graduate level this is important to enhance your knowledge and skills related to the subject. These resources will provide a multidimensional perspective on what is being covered in your classroom. Reflect on some of these resources as to how they enhanced your knowledge in this subject.  Industry Speaker in Week 6: Kaplan provides a great opportunity for you by inviting good industry speakers who widen your knowledge by relating theory to practice in the real world. Reflect on your learning from the Guest lectures. In other words, how does theory reflect in practice.  In-Class activities: Each week you are expected to participate in-class activities and make a valuable contribution to the learning process. You need to reflect on your learning in participating in-class activities. Examples of learning could include team building skills, communication skills, confidence development, public speaking skills and critical thinking skills.

 Assessment Feedback: Assessment 1 results were slightly delayed and as the Subject Coordinator I apologise for this. Please go through your feedback carefully. There may not be direct feedback related to leadership but feedback in areas such as critical thinking, communication, that are important to be an effective leader.  Psychometric Test You are required to attempt as many psychometric test as possible. Critically analyse the results and draw conclusions using some relevant theories. Checklist that mandatory for completing Assessment 2 1. One example each from the above six criteria 2. More critical analysis than description 3. Identifying your strength as a leader along with your weaknesses.

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