Addiction/Substance Abuse Counsellor Interview.

Option 3: Addiction/Substance Abuse Counsellor Interview.

Interview a counsellor/therapist who works with addicted individuals. The interviewee must have worked as an addictions counsellor for at least five consecutive years, and be willing to be interviewed for up to one hour in person.

Write a 9-10 page paper that is a critical analysis of the individual’s story in relation to the empirical literature covered in this course. The basic question format to be used is as follows (give the therapist a copy of these questions prior to the interview): Demographic Information: Length of time in the field, professional focus/training, percentage of clients receiving addictions counselling, and those focusing on substance abuse issues. What is your theory of treatment with the substance abuse population? What is your assessment process? What are common techniques you use? What are ethical issues/dilemmas you confront in your practice? How do you maintain records in family work (e.g., notes on all or just primary client)? Do you treat individuals, couples, or families differently around substance abuse issues and if so, how are they different? How do you view the culture of the client having an impact on substance abuse issues? In addition to an introduction and conclusion, the interview data needs to be organized into 9 to 10 pages using the above headings. Reminder: As a graduate level course, student work should be based on critical thinking, not merely on summarizing or paraphrasing material. Evaluation

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