Of Mice and Men

Description Your review should include the following: an appropriate (passende) opening (what are your reviewing/why/general opinion) a general analysis of the book (about 300 words) in which you briefly but insightfully explain: story line characters problems themes social and/or political problems/opinions expressed by the writer through the book deeper meaning of the book A minimum of 5 reasons to support your opinion about the book (about 500 words), supported by examples/arguments Linking words and adjectives and adverbs a conclusion: concluding/summarising your opinion a recommendation: who should/should not read this book and why a minimum of 800 words (300 for the analysis, 500 for your well-supported opinion, xxx for the intro, conclusion and recommendation) Requirements Write a review, meeting the following requirements: You followed all the above instructions Your review is well-structured Your answers show that you have an understanding of the book that goes deeper than the story line You use proper and preferably varying adjectives and adverbs Your language fits the level of your grade Make sure it’s has the appropriate length You have followed all the ‘Handing in Magister Opdrachten’ instructions

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