Journal Article Review – Media Data Collection

Description Journal Article Review Objective: Please find an academic journal article/study that involves media, such as television, radio, film, social media, video games, or some other aspect and that involves primary (original) data collection. You should aim to write a 4-6-page study review (double-space, 12-point font, default margins) based on the following ten questions. You should write this in essay format, with an introduction introducing the study and why you selected it. To answer each question, each paragraph should be 4-6 sentences. Make sure your topic sentences reflect which question you are answering. It should be clear to me what question you are answering. *Write an introduction to the review* Then, answer the following ten questions: 1) What does the abstract discuss? 2) What is discussed in the introduction? What is the main concept of the study? 3) What theory or theories are discussed in the literature review? Is there a logical application of the theory in the literature review? Does it make sense to use this theory? Why? 4) What variables are brought up in the literature review? Do the variables make sense? Why? 5) What was the method that was used in this journal article? Is it a strong method? Why? 6) What were the hypotheses and research questions in this study? Is the researcher making a justified argument for each hypothesis/research question? 7) As best as you can understand, what were the results of the study? Do they make sense? 8) What is mentioned in the discussion section? Are there industry implications for this study? If so, what are they? 9) What are the limitations in this study? Are there things that you would have done differently in this study? If so, what would they be? 10) What studies may be pursued from this study? Put differently, based on what you read in this study, including findings, what future studies would you like to see done? 11) Is there anything that you would suggest to improve this study? If so, what? If not, is there a similar study you can think of that you would like to do? What would its structure look like?

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