‘Find a multinational organisation of your choice and describe and

‘Find a multinational organisation of your choice and describe and evaluate specific changes that they went through. Why was the change triggered, how was it managed and was it successful or not. Whilst you are performing this analysis, please use appropriate theories, models and relevant examples.’ Requirements This 2,500 words assignment is to be typed in a report format. You are only allowed 10% more or 10% of the expected word count. Expected Format of the Report Executive Summary: A summary including information on what this report has achieved in doing. Table of Contents: Each section included in the report should be listed and given its own numbering, which is in turn reflected in the report itself.

Introduction: In this section I would expect the best students to: Discuss what we mean by change management.

Consider why an understanding of change management is highly important. Explain any relevant theories/models in relation to the wider topic of change management. Signpost the structure of the document, including a brief overview of the company they have chosen. Main Body: In this section I would expect students to discuss the changes that the organisation they have chosen had to deal with. A clear analysis should be provided in relation to what was the change, what was the impact it had on the organisation and how did they deal with it. The main purpose for performing this secondary research is to allow students to practically see the effect that changes can have on business organisations. That way they can understand that such changes can be positive or negative, direct or indirect. It is crucial for students to show case the risks of having to deal with change and the power/influence of relevant stakeholders to each case scenario. Conclusions: This section should summarise the main points of the previous section, drawing everything together. Recommendations: Any recommendations might take the form of advice to managers attempting to understand the business environment. List of References: References need to be provided in an alphabetical order.

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