Critically discuss how this cultural activity has become so embedded

analyse it in terms of the classical/psychological perspective and of the cultural perspective in consumer research.

Critically discuss how this cultural activity has become so embedded in consumer culture in how it is experienced within consumer culture (including media representations, products, experiences and emotions), that has become a consumption ‘fantasyland’. Start researching for relevant literature >> reading will give you inspiration.Choose the issues/topics I want to discuss.Find theory in both perspectives together with literature to analyse these issues.

Assignment structure-

Introduction (indicative word limit: 250 words): Outline which mode of cultural activity you have chosen and why. Have a few sentences to describe this mode of cultural activity; is it a religious event?; is it a celebration even?; Why is this mode of cultural activity important in consumer research? I.e. Why do you consider this cultural activity to fall within the idea of ‘consumer fantasyland’? How will you tackle the assignment question (will you structure the analysis of the activity by discussing it per perspective or will you have a more in-depth discussion about all the issues from the classical and cultural perspective together?). Also say how you will talk about the activity: will it be about comparing it in different contexts?, will you compare it in different periods of time? etc. >> What is the aim and structure of your essay? Sample Valentine’s Day has its roots in centuries of Christian and Pagan beliefs and tradition as well as myths passed on through the centuries. The history of the day has been added to and likely embellished since its pre-Christian era and has now evolved in to a major date in the consumer calendar, hailed as a celebration of love by many and loathed by equally as many. Valentine’s Day is significant in consume research as it offers an insight to how consumers who take direct part in the day behave before, after and during an event that is deeply embedded in consumer culture. ….. To provide evidence of this, I will analyse Valentine’s day from both the classical and cultural consumer behaviour perspectives. My analyses will look at both of these perspectives together for specific topics and separately for the remaining topics, with the essay focusing on the aspects of gift-giving and consumer’s feelings, emotions and the idea of romance and how this is expressed. This will in turn show how the practices and rituals surrounding the event have evolved into a land of consumption in the consumer’s mind and in the real world. Assignment structure Main body: in this section I want to see evidence of wider reading of literature, beyond the main textbook. You should start this section with a much more elaborated discussion about the cultural activity you have chosen and how it is embedded in consumer culture. E.g. Christmas: reiterate its religious character but say more about what it means for consumers, even around the world. What does Christmas represent? Presents?; Santa Claus?; Holiday?; Special prices?; Other consumption rituals?; Food?; Discounts?; City decoration?; House decorations? Have different sections for all of these issues and try to connect these issues with concepts from the module. E.g. Decorating your house for Christmas (consider behavioural issues such as needs, how it makes consumers feel-, consumption, motivation and choices) and (consider cultural reasons such as customs or different decorations according to class, where is this decoration bought from? – which talks a lot about class and identity- what does this decoration say about the self?, how artefacts in our house e.g. Santa’s boots might show how we feel about social/family relations)

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